Saturday, June 13, 2015


22 years and 2 days ago, an eight year old boy attended the first run showing of Jurassic Park, a Steven Spielberg film that engrossed audiences, cinematically introduced people to the world of paleontology causing enrollment in the field to rise dramatically, publicly brought up the debate about cloning, and taught us that it is best to reactivate the PERIMETER fence LAST... (Seriously, in the film when the botanist lady is re-electrifying the fences, the perimeter fence is marked last.  Also, I don't know if any of the listed facts were true as it's purely for a dramatic reading).

     After the disappointing half failure of The Lost World: Jurassic Park where they taught us dinosaurs were raging, man-eating, prehistoric crushers of man, and the extremely disappointing Jurassic Park 3, where Allen dreams of talking dinosaurs, I found myself dumbfounded that I was extremely excited for Jurassic World.  Reason being?  Because I've always thought the Jurassic Park series should've always taken place on Isla Nublar.  I'll give The Lost World a half pass because... San Diego?  Really?

     Ever since the release of the trailer, my feelings of nostalgia returned (again, because it was to take place AT THE PARK).  Adding onto the idea of a functioning park with lots of meat, I mean people to eat, I mean... stopping there to avoid spoilers . . .

     That feeling of nostalgia grew even greater as there were many references to the original film, knowledge that dinosaurs (the majority of them) were returned to their peaceful, elegant and non-threatening habitats where all they wanted to do was eat.  Jurassic World had us fall in love with dinosaurs all over again, while disapproving the idea of having a genetically modified dinosaur as part of the park's attraction.  (Seriously, keep those dinosaurs away from the successful park and use them as an 'underground dino fighting ring')... or not, just kidding.

     Jurassic World brings back the franchise that nearly destroyed itself, essentially reverse Indiana Jonesing itself, with the mixture of great characters, impressive CGI, and the nostalgic feeling of the first Jurassic Park (and for those who haven't seen the first one) ... the calming wow factor in seeing (CGI) dinosaurs roam freely and peacefully.

     Sure, there were some 'cheesy' parts and parts that that made us say, 'OK this feels weird but it's still kind of cool'... but the overall excitement of Jurassic World was not wasted, but increased as this is one of the few films I'm willing to see at least two more times at the cinema (as opposed to waiting for it to release on Netflix).

     So strap yourselves in for a ride that's worth every cent you paid for, including the overpriced popcorn and drinks you spent at the concession stand, and enjoy a blockbuster hit that will reinvigorate you and your childhood love of dinosaurs.

Rating - 5 Stars! = A MUST SEE

-- I chose not to go into great detail about the characters, plot, setting, dynamics of the film, originality, etc because I didn't feel like.  Also, these are just my opinions.  Go watch the film and form your own.  Happy Viewing!