Saturday, July 18, 2015

Beat the Heat!

Beat the Heat!

Or just roll over and die . . . No, please don't do that!

This has by far been one of the hottest (Olympia, Washington area) summers that I can remember.  Of course, many of us would say that at the present time for any season.  

"Oh my, this is the COLDEST winter!"  

"Hottest summer, I wish nudity in public was allowed."  
"My eyes are frozen shut, who'd I just run over?"

Mind you this entry is only for the extremes of two seasons because quite frankly, I can't think of anyone complaining that a particular Fall or Spring season being too temperate, comfortable, or perfect.

But because it's summer, let's beat the heat!

*Full disclosure: I'm not a doctor, scientist, astrologer, person of power or influence, or a hair dresser, but these few tips works for me.

For those of you who know me, or just stalk my facebook, will know that I'm always wearing my Northface fleece.  


-Because it's comfortable.  
"Aren't you hot?"
-I see myself as an average male with decent looks.
"I meant heat wise."
-No more than you are.

The temperatures for the past few days have been around 32 C (about 90 F), with little wind and a bright sun beating down on the poor souls below (me included). 

So, why haven't I fainted yet?  Hydration!  Yes, water this year, and every year in fact, is very important.  Drink plenty of water. 

"But, duh! Everyone always says that.  We already know!"
The different thing I do is, dress in layers.  As it is a winter practice to dress in layers and remove them whenever you get too hot, I also use this practice in the summer.  Weird?  Very, but let me explain . . . 

If you're still readin this, thank you!  So, dress in layers.  One, this only works if you're used to wearing so many layers and have managed to keep your body temp pretty cool in the heat, meaning I've done this practically all my life.  There are times when I'm out in my fleece and it does get too hot.  So, I shred a layer and ahh... instant satisfaction as my delicate, or not, skin is exposed to fresh air.  

This provides only a temporary relief, of course.  But, usually I'm off to find shade where after a little while, I'm able to put my fleece back on.  But let's say I shed my fleece and then enter a nice department store.  

Instant coolness from the well A/C'ed building.  Some times, your body can be shocked by this experience.  It is then I will put my fleece back on and allow my body to adjust accordingly.

When it's time to leave, it's hot as hell outside, maybe, but in those cases it is, then I still have a layer to shed (options!)

So this has become a ramble and pretty much pointless blog, but I'm doing some Windows Updates and had some time on my hands.

So drink plenty of water, stay hydrated, enjoy the sun, stay chill and thanks for reading!